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3 years ago

I recently pencilled a part of Zenoscope’s “Tales from Oz” #3, featuring the origin on the Scarecrow. You can see preview pages on Zenoscope’s blog here:

I will be posting my pencilled pages, hope you enjoy them.  It was a lot of fun to work on and I was excited to do something with Zenoscope (lots of talent over there!).  The issue goes on sale March 5th, 2014.

Tales From Oz 3 of 3 (Final Issue)

The Witches of Oz rule with power and fear. Even their allies are not safe from their wrath if they step out of line. And the punishment for those who betray them is severe as one of their most trusted advisors is about to find out… Even the most timid of men can be transformed into the scariest of creatures.

Story by Joe Brusha
Written by Shane McKenzie
Pencils by David Acosta and Luca Erbetta
Colors by Andrea Dota (Mad5)
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Anthony Spay

Good Dog Part 3: Featuring Toto Backup Story
Story by Joe Brusha and Jeff Massey
Written by Jeff Massey
Pencils by Vincenzo Federici
Colors by Dante Strada
Letters by Renato Guerra
Edited by Anthony SpayTFO_Scarecrow_page01_pencilsTFO_Scarecrow_page02_pencilsTFO_Scarecrow_page03_pencils

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